Thursday, December 23, 2010

An Apologetic Step

As I am sure many of you have noticed I have not dedicated a lot of time to this blog or event planning business as of late.  I blame that on the evil voice in my head that tells me “You don’t know what you are doing, there are others better then you, you’re just going to fail”.  Well I am taking a stand to that voice and I am shouting back “I AM THAT GOOD and I CAN DO THIS”.  Perhaps it is knowing that I am going home to be surrounded by the strong and amazing women in family.  Each in their own way have molded me and supported me in ways I could never imagine.  They are each inspirations to me.  Women I aspire to be!

I guess I am really writing this blog today to voice that in my road down entrepreneurialism, I have caved to self-doubt.  I have found though that the glimpse of doubt has now inspired me to try even harder.  I do not come from a family of quitters, having that blood in veins keeps me moving and trying again, and again.  With the love and support of allll the strong women in my life how could one fail.  We all fall off the rope a time or two but it is that willingness to get back on, that will push us further.

Whether you have cold feet in the direction you are going in life or you are having cold feet about upcoming nuptials look to your inspirational go to’s.  For me this is my mother (a single mother who never let me want for anything, the rock in my life), my grandmother (a women of pose and dignity), my aunt (a strong willed, outspoken lady who never let life’s catastrophes hold her back), Eleanor Roosevelt (read her quotes ladies she was a firecracker),   and Martha Stewart (despite her legal woos you still can not discredit her the empire she has built). 

I am looking forward to the holidays and being inspired by my wonderful family.  May you all find the inspiration you need.  The new year will bring many a blogs to all you Steppe Stone fans.  I again offer my sincere apologies for listening to the doubt in mind.  Know that I am moving forward with renewed faith in my talents and the belief in visualizing your happiest days!


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