Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Two-Steppe

So the princess bride has walked down the isle in her fairytale gown to her prince.  They have sealed their fates with a kiss and now it is time to celebrate…

…But what’s this the princess bride cant dance around or do the funky chicken because she has too many layers of tulle.

Lucky for us she thought ahead and planned for just this, out comes dress number two; a short, fun and flirty dress to dance the night away in.

2nd dress5



2nd dress



2nd dress4


2nd dress6


The fairy godmother gave our princess the right dress for her big trip down the isle.  But every princess bride needs to let her party girl have some fun too! 

Our very own 2011 princess bride had her back up dress:

2nd dress7


So let your hair down and do the YMCA or just shake your rump, just have a little fun with your second wedding style.

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