Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Paper Trail Steppe

I have been pouring over bridal magazines, websites, and blogs today.  I have noticed a beautiful and inexpensive décor trend: paper products.  This is not the twirled together streamers of your thirteenth birthday or grandmas doilies under her cookies (well actually there are doilies but done with some pop).  I am just completely blow away with the beauty of all the paper décor I have found I just had to share.  For the bride looking to keep cost down but still wants beauty how perfect are these ideas?  Your guests will be talking for weeks about your decorations.

These are not your grandma’s doilies!  Imagine what a beautiful light these will cast as the night goes on.

paper decor


The above paper pinwheels left me salivating for more….

paper decor3 You know it is the “it” thing if Chanel has tapped into it (7000 handmade flowers at the Chanel Couture runway show 2009)

paper decor 5

paper decor6



My breath was taken away with beauty these origami cranes bring.  The Japanese tradition is to fold 1000 cranes.  For every crane folded you make a wish and it is said to come true.  What a love detail to bring to any wedding.  We give the bride and groom well wishes after all.

paper decor4

This sweet idea could be followed with the lovely paper boutonnieres below.

paper decor 7





paper decor2

Paper décor as I said is a great way to keep cost down but does not have to be tacky or cheap looking.  The above displays prove how fantastic paper cane be.  Take these inspirations and run (well no running with scissors).

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