Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blue Step

While being my favorite color (and definitely my grandmothers; blue everywhere, head to toe and ceiling to floor) blue is more my mood these past couple of days.  I am embracing my blues, and in a  step right out of "Valentine's Day'" (the movie), throwing them a party.

Blue Party 

In searching for ideas,  I was  reminded of one of my favorite books, Le Petit Prince, by Antoine De Saint-exupery.  In the 1st chapter, the narrator of the story shows his drawings to the adults around him, who scoff at the imaginative pictures.  The young boy hurt, gives up drawing, deciding to grow up and become a pilot, leading him on a journey of friendship, the beauty of love, and of farewells.  A line from the story has always stuck with me, "On ne voit bien quavec le coeur.  Lessential est invisible pour les yeux"; "One sees clearly only with the heart.  The essential is invisible to the eyes".  In my business life and in my personal life this statement could be no more true.  Seeing with the heart is how I have always done things.  While others may think this foolish or stupid, I believe my heart has lead me down certain paths for a reason.

I know that in following my heart I will always wind up in the right direction.  I believe in my imaginative drawings, perhaps the number crunching adults of "Le Petit Prince" do not understand, but there are others who see the vision and the beauty in me.

This make- believe party is a source of letting go and journeying down new paths, in hoping that other paths may intertwine again, and in believing in ones self.

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