Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Healthy Step

Being a start-up entrepreneur means always working, you have no down time.  I have two jobs on top of the work I do for my own business.  When I am at my 9-5, I think about the upcoming weekend and what needs to be done for those events, I also think of blog ideas, wedding ideas, party ideas (god bless sticky notes).  Once home I may cram in an hour at the gym and then its time to catch up on inspirational blogs and DVR'd wedding shows.  Work is always on my mind or a part of me.  Is this a bad thing?  I tend to think not but after four grueling weekends of non-stop work my body has said enough is enough.  That's right I am full blown sick and have no choice but to stop. 

Stopping for me of course means I have surrounded myself with bridal magazines, my laptop, and have been working on wedding ideas from bed.  Is it just in the entrepreneurial mindset to never fully stop?

With a pounding head and a pile of Kleenex, I have headed to the worldwide web, to not only catch up on all things wedding and party planning, but to  also look for ways to keep the ever busy me healthy.

1. Get that Flu shot, the shot helps fight off the influenza up to 90%.  Everyone is now offering them, you can go to your local Walgreens where they offer shots daily.

2. Keep hydrated and rested, a lack of sleep and dehydration can leave your body less able to fight off illness.  Drink plenty of water and try not to change up your sleep pattern that often.

3. My two new best friends, Vitamin C and Zinc.  They assist your bodies immune system in fighting off an infection and give it that extra boost. 

4. Exercise, exercise, exercise!  Not only will it help you de-stress another important component to staying healthy but also helps boost your immune system as well.  If in the midst of a full blown cold you should take a break from the gym, but lifting weights or stretching can still be done.

5.  Wash those hands, after you sneeze, when you blow your nose, cough, make sure you are preventing the passing of germs.  Scrub down items you may share, phones and desktops.

6.  Think before you eat, make sure you are getting those all important fruits and veggies in.

We are going into a season of running around, family gatherings, corporate parties, make sure you make time in your busy schedule to take care of yourself.  Trust the one that doesn't always heed her own advice, you do not want to get sick!

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