Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Reality Step

We live in a society that has been taken over by the world of reality television.  On any given day you can scan through the TV guide and find wedding show after wedding show; but these shows are showing an ugly side of the wedding reality. 


Shows like” Bridezilla’s” (on the WE network)  and “My Big Friggin’ Wedding” (on VH1)  glorify bad behavior in the planning process.  They focus on fighting, bad language, and  poor manners.  What happened to love, family unity, and the beauty of the love coming together.  It is often hard to believe watching these shows that there is love there.  Brides screaming at fianc√©'s that they hate them moments before a wedding, fist fights between brides and in-laws-to-be and expletives thrown at every vendor and person within reach, are norms within these shows (and sadly becoming a norm in our society)

Don’t use these shows as a guideline to acceptable behavior.  A wedding should honor love, a wedding should bring families together, a wedding should be a joyous time.  The reality show wedding is all about spoiled, over-spending brides behaving badly and at times being rewarded for it.

I choose to believe that united love is still the most important aspect to a wedding.  My TV will not be found on these programs.  I prefer to watch the realities that focus on the love and beauty in a wedding.  “Say Yes to the Dress” (on TLC) is about the joy that is to be had finding a wedding gown.  They also often give a glimpse of some of the beautiful weddings, as well as giving the storyline of how the happy couples came to be.  There is also “I Purpose” (on the Style network) which focuses on the groom-to-be’s planning of the perfect proposal.  Its nice to see a show that focuses on what the groom-to-be goes through, remember it is NOT just all about the bride.

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