Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Miss-Step

With everyone trying to make their wedding and parties stand out, we have seen some fumbles along the way!

Do NOT force your guests to dance!! Yes we all want to see a packed dance floor.  Guests being forced onto the dance floor with a rendition of “hot potato” will not result in a happy dance companion.  While on the topic of dancing full length organized dances ARE NOT FUN!  The “Cha-Cha Slide”, the “Macarena” and/or the “Electric Slide” should NEVER go over 3 minutes.  Anything longer then that will result in your guests clearing the floor.

Please don’t orchestrate an over the top garter extraction.  There are guests around and watching your groom riffle up your dress don’t make them uncomfortable!


As a guest please be careful who bring.  Don’t bring a guy/gal as a 1st date, likewise don’t bring a newly ended ex either.  Both can lead to awkwardness.  I have heard of many uncomfortable guests sitting threw a reenactment of a break-up during the reception.

Please, please, please when leaving the party don’t horde the favors.   Take the one that was meant for you, but don’t bring enough home for the neighborhood. 

Just a few reminders to keep in mind when planning or attending parties, especially with the upcoming party season.

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