Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Shopping Step

Holiday work parties, family gatherings, social networking events, and weddings galore are sure to abound the schedule this coming up season.  With so many different events to attend a major dress shopping spree is needed. 

When dress shopping, weather for a party dress or THE dress, there are a few guidelines one should follow.

1.  Have a visual in mind, know what you are leaning towards, pull pictures, really have a look in mind.

2.  Bring a good girlfriend, yes the one that will be brutally honest as opposed to the one that will tell you what you want to hear.  (For me this normally means bringing along my version of Jack)

3.  Can not be said enough but wear undergarments that flatter you.  Wear a convertible bra that lifts the girls, but can be changed around to fit the different dress styles you will be trying on.  Make sure your under wear is not leaving lines in all the wrong areas.

4.  Always remember to fit your largest area first, alterations are everyone’s friend.  You should definitely have a good seamstress in your rolodex!

Good luck with your holiday dress shopping!  Glam it up girls, this is the time we all get to experiment with new looks and have a little fun with our party outfits.  Look out Niemen Marcus and Nordstrom I am heading your way!

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