Friday, June 25, 2010

A Birthday Step

"Cherries are the promise of summer", I heard this quote the other day. It got me thinking about how fun a cherry themed party would be. It being my birthday today I thought I would post this cherry inspired inspiration board. If I had my friends and family here I would definitely have fun putting this party together. ENJOY!!!

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For a refreshing treat at the party serve a custom cocktail. I love the idea of a sour cherry mojito, fitting in with our cherry party theme.

Sour Cherry Mojito Recipe:

bunch of mint
sour cherries (pits and stems removed), lots of them
2 oz white rum
plenty of crushed ice
soda water or sparkling mineral water
about ½ oz agave nectar or simple syrup to taste
squeeze of lime
1. In a highball or tall mixing glass, gently muddle together 1 large sprig of mint and a handful of cherries.
2. Add to glass the rum, ice, soda water and agave nectar/simple syrup. Stir until the beverage is well combined and glass is nice and frosty. Add squeeze of lime and fresh mint for garnish. Enjoy!!!!!

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