Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Fathering Step

On a day where I spend the day remembering all the wonderful memories I have of my father, I thought I would look into where Father's Day began and give you some great Father's Day traditions of your own.

So where did Father's Day begin? The tradition of Father's Day began back in 1910 but took 62 years to become an actual holiday. Thanks to Sonora Louise Smart Dodd, the oldest of 6 of a Civil War vet, we now celebrate father's day. While in church listening to a mother's day sermon Dodd began to contemplate how to honor fathers. On June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington, with the support of the Spokane Ministerial Association and the YMCA the towns children wore red roses, to honor living fathers and white roses to honor those that had passed. Then in 1924 President Calvin Coolidge recommended that the 3rd Saturday in become a national holiday but it wasn't until 1972 when President Richard Nixon issued a permanent proclamation that father's day have its national observance. And Sonora Louise Smart Dodd is now known as the "Mothers of Father's Day".

So know you're asking yourself what to do for that special dad? As a child I got a big kick out of making breakfast in bed for my dad. My dad had taught me how to make scramble eggs in the microwave. I would wake up early and make scrambles with far too much cheese and toast and dutifully my father ate them like they were a 5-star meal, shells and all. Make some homemade cards and bring dad some eggs, fruit, and coffee in bed.
Another great idea, is getting dad a book all about fathers, have your little one but the date on the inside cover with a message all their own. After breakfast in bed dad and child can curl up and read the story together, sure to leave lasting memories. A few great choices are: "Father's Day" by Anne Rockwell, "I love My Daddy" by Sebastien Bach, or "Daddy Kisses" by Anne Gutman.
For those that have a little artist on your hands, have your child draw up a picture just for dad. You could frame the picture or for a unique idea scan the picture into your computer, shrink the artwork down to business card size, print, then laminate. Dad can now carry around the this little token of love with him everywhere in his wallet.

For all the fathers out there, "Happy Father's Day!!", enjoy the special moments that I am sure will be created today. To those that have lost their father's remember the special moments you shared.

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