Friday, July 2, 2010

A Family Step

Are you deciding what kind of dining experience to have at your next event?? Can I make a push for my favorite?

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The "family-style" service. This is a great mix of the classic formal sit down and the buffet, a way to serve up casual elegance. It can also be cost effective, reducing the amount of servers needed and is often times less expensive than an individually plated dinner.

Most times guest are seated to a chef plated salad...I can see all the farmers market summertime think bright tomato salads or winter think Roquefort pear salad. When salad plates are cleared plattered entrees and sides are brought to the table, for guests to pass. Your guests are then able to serve themselves, taking as little or as much as wanted.

When properly executed I think you will find that many of your guests will feel more welcomed with this service. It also induces more interaction between your guests. After-all when was the last time you had a speechless dinner at home?

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