Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Princess's 1st Step

The first batch of little kiddies I call myself a proud aunt to are all beginning to turn one. I may not be able to be there (again) but I can imagine what the parties would be like. This party is designed around my favorite little princess.

Of course the princess party is filled with all things princess, starting with the rolled out pink carpet to greet her highness's guests. A fun game to have kids play upon walking in would be to have them guess how many kisses it will take to turn the frog prince. Have a photo of the frog prince set up next to a bowl of Hershey Kisses, have each guest write down how many kisses they think are in the bowl on a piece of paper as they enter the party. Make sure you have the proper princess pen for the royal guests to write with. At the end of the day the guest who is closest wins the bowl. After making guesses you can have the kids decorate their own foam tiaras (and pirate hats if there are any boys), with the help of mom and dad of course. Have plenty of colorful gems in different sizes and colors and glitter pens to make those tiaras shine. During the party you can also have the kids play "Find Snow Whites Apples". Hide plastic apples in the yard or house for them to find. Use plastic apples from Oriental Trading Co. that can be filled with little trinkets (age appropriate).

When planning food keep it simple, pb&j sandwiches, or cheese sandwiches (if there are alergies, check with parents beforehand), cubes of watermelon and/or cantaloupe, and princess fruit snacks. You can also use a cookie cutter to cut your sandwiches into fun shapes like tiaras and stars. For this little princess's party I would also jazz up her high chair, get different colors of tulle fabric (pink, purple, and silver) attach to the tray portion of the high chair using double sided crafting tape. It may also be a good idea to get her highness her very own cake (a mini cake) to destroy and eat on her own. That is one of the best parts of a 1st birthday party, getting pictures of the little one covered in cake.

If you're having the party outdoors another great source of entertainment would be to have a castle shaped bouncer, kids can spend hours in a bouncer, giving adults time to socialize too. You could also rent a princess to come to the party, many will read a story or make-over your little ones.

Chicago Princess Rentals:

If you are having many guests you may want to hire a professional photographer or designate a family member to take some pictures for you. You surely will not be able to see everything and this is a day you will want to remember.

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