Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Rockin' Baby Step

It seems baby fever is once again in the air among my friends. While I hold my breath in these times, I do love all things baby, just not for me YET! And with so many baby's on the way to make me a proud auntie, I have begun thinking about shower ideas. When it comes to the baby shower, I do not think they need to be all frilly and dainty to signify a girl or blue driven for a boy. I have a a couple friends in mind with this Rock 'n' Roll theme shower, these girls themselves are too bad a** to follow along with a cookie cutter shower.

Some fun decoration ideas: To really get that rocker feel, talk to a local club about holding the shower there. Get 3 guitar cases (used), if the interior is gross, get some fabric that matches your party decor and tack it to the inside of the case, in this case pink or zebra print, then set 2 of the cases open on top of the gift table to hold gifts, in the middle of the two, place the third case upright and have the baby's name airbrushed to the outside in a coordinating color. On your table tops another fun rock decor idea would be to scatter guitar pics over the table. If you can get your hands on a baby picture of the proud momma-to-be and papa-to-be, photo shop them in white and black and add fun colored mohawks to them, you can blow these up big and put them on the venue doors like rock posters.

I am not a big fan of shower games, but do see how they can be good icebreakers in a crowd of strangers. Here are some, not too corny, game ideas:
1. Match the celeb baby name with the celeb examples: Coco Riley (Courtney Cox and David Arquette), Apple and Moses (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin), Harlow Winter Kate (Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, you get the idea.
2. Take the label off of baby food jars and see who can guess the most correctly.
3. The tried and true game of guessing the mom-to-be's belly size with a yarn of string.

Another cute shower idea is to have a diaper raffle. Ask guests to bring diaper packages ranging in size from Newborn-2, for every package they bring guests will be entered into the raffle. For raffle prizes you can buy a set of movie tickets and/or gift certificates to area restaurants. This is a great way to get the proud parents a good supply of diapers, which they will greatly need!

And like any great rockin' aunt I had to pass along these shower gift ideas, tooooo cute!

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