Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A French Step

HAPPY Bastille Day!!! How are you spending this French national holiday? If you are like me this 14th day of July, commemorating the storming of Bastille in 1789, which marked the beginning of the French Revolution, you too want some French food. I can feel the foie gras melting in my mouth or the buttery saltiness of escargot, I'd even be happy with a baguette and some goat cheese.

New to Chicago, the french restaurant is one I have not experienced yet, so straight to Google I went to locate some options. What do you think?

1. FireFly, 3335 N Halsted St, billing itself as a funky, intimate bistro, it is supposed to have GREAT martinis in big over-sized glasses.

2. La Creperie, 2845 N Clark St, casual french fare specializing in...can you guess...that's right crepes.

My first two choices were chosen primarily on location, as the are both in my neck of the woods but I did decide to see what else was out there and found a few more that have my tastebuds yearning for some french fare.

3. Cafe Matou, 1846 N. Milwaukee Ave, the reviews seem consistent f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s french food, cozy atmosphere.

4. KiKi's Bistro, 900 N. Franklin St, french country decor, the crowd a bit on the older side BUT supposed to have THE best french onion soup in Chicago; get into this bistro soon they will be closing down on August 28th to reconceptualize.

5. Les Nomades, 222 E. Ontario St, the MOST formal of the above (note: a jacket is required for men), offering 4-5 courses, having been in business for 32 years you can expect expertly prepared dishes.

The French side of me is dying to dig my fork into any of the amazing dishes I have read these restaurants offer. Now to decide who to choose for my Bastille Day celebration.

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