Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Step Along the Nightmare Side

"For it is plain, as anyone can see: we're simply meant to be.", with those words Jack Skellington and Sally sent my mind racing last night. Nightmare Before Christmas has been one of my favorites since its release in 1993 after watching it last night I thought how fun it would be to design a wedding around. While pondering what would make the perfect Nightmare Before Christmas wedding I thought of the perfect bride, my girlfriend who was born on Halloween and loves the day and all things macabre. So with her in mind, Jack, Sally and I began our journey to Halloween Town to plan a perfectly nightmarish wedding....

The key to this wedding is outlandish decor and lighting. Picture walking through a replica of the Halloween Town entrance, inside you are greeted by black clothed tables with dark candelabras or black lamps, set with white and silver place settings, surrounded by white poppy flowers. The walls are splashed with varying eerie colors of green and purple, the dance floor is patterned after the Nightmare Before Christmas scroll design. Hanging from corners and around the bar, large cobwebs, with over-sized spiders, pumpkins of varying faces and sizes give off a warm glow. For an added effect you can have bartenders add dry ice to peoples drinks.

The bride herself of course would not be caught in a white dress, (how fabulous is the black dress in the storyboard?) and her bridesmaids in a Gothic inspired number (for this wedding I would try to find the dress in gray/black or purple/black not the red above). The groom and groomsmen would be head to toe black, with either gray or purple ties and black converse. If you really get into the Halloween idea, then you could have your guests come in costume.

You could also have a projector showing a slide-show of movie scenes, and a live Jack and Sally mingling among guests. The first dance can be to "Sally's Song", I prefer the Amy Lee version. This wedding can take place anytime of year BUT of course the perfect time would be in October. Enjoy your trip into Halloween Town and if you need help diving in further I am always around for suggestions.

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