Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monkeying Around Step

As I said yesterday, I have several friends that are now pregnant. Yesterday's rocker baby shower, prompted requests for more shower help. Being here in Chicago I can offer ideas and make suggestions. I would love to see my creations come to life myself but take pride in the fact that my friends look to me for guidance on these matters.

The shower today is based around the theme "Monkeying Around". I actually have two inspiration boards going with this one, as I could not decide between the traditional monkey or the modern sock monkey. The monkey theme can also be carried over to the baby's first birthday; "Our little monkey's turning 1".

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For the first inspiration board I went with a classic jungle monkey feel. I would cover tables in jungle animal print fabric (zebra, giraffe, cheetah) or do solid brown with animal print runners. I would also fill the space with LOTS of hanging plants, and various stuffed monkeys (which can later be used in the nursery). As a favor for guests, I would give out mini-Chunky Monkey ice cream from Ben & Jerry's.

While coming up with ideas for the above inspiration board, I began staring at my beloved slippers...the sock monkey slipper (thank you Target). This led me to begin compiling ideas for a sock monkey themed shower, equally as cute but a totally different feel.

Photos From: (top to bottom, left to right),,,, same,,,,,,, and

This theme is much more modern. I would hang lots of red and white paper lanterns or balloons, in the venue hall, to give it that modern feel. Since the sock monkey is a childhood classic, I would also incorporate some other classics, that actually tie into the red and white theme. To hold the beverages use red and white galvanized buckets. I would also purchase old fashion style Coke bottles instead of cans. Make sure you also include striped straws with your drinks. To hold gifts, and add a little more old school charm to your gift table, get a "Radio Flyer" and place it on the table, stack gifts in and around the wagon (the wagon will come in handy for the proud parents to be). As a favor give boxes of "Red Hots" or package up red jelly beans and place a sock monkey sticker on each bag.

I am still unsure which baby shower I like more for this happy couple, I can see both sooo clearly in my mind. Which would you go with? If help is needed putting together your "lil monkey" baby shower feel free to drop me an email at

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