Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Favorable Step

So we have all been to a wedding, and if like me, you put some thought into the gift to give to the bride and groom. So how disappointed were you when walked away with a key-chain photo of the bride and groom, or small bottle of bubbles? Most of us walk out of the wedding wondering what to do with these trinkets or just leaving them behind (signifying that the bride and groom could have spent the money more wisely). So what would be a good a wedding favor you ask?

The most practical way to go may be the edible favor. You've been boogieing on the dance floor, consuming alcohol, and now you're on your way back to your hotel room. Instead of spending a fortune diving into the mini bar wouldn't it be nice to have that treat you walked away with? Instead of serving cake at the reception, have individual slices of cake boxed up for guests to take with them(this will also save you money because you can just slice cake from a sheet cake instead of spending money on an elaborate cake).
You could also do candy covered apples, with the theme "apple of my eye". When it comes to edibles just be aware of where you store them or the climate conditions...nothing worse then your beautiful truffles becoming a bag of melted chocolate.

There are other unique and fun options you can choose if you do not want to go with an edible favor:
~chapstick..."sealed with a kiss"
~playing cards..."perfectly suited" or "two of a kind"
~removable tattoos with your names, imagine getting a picture of your great grandma donning your brand, and guests will have fun with them at the wedding but be able to wash off once home
~in colder months a nice idea is heart shaped hand warmers, guests can slip them into their gloves when leaving
~a charitable donation..."spreading the love", guests don't have to worry about taking home a favor they don't want, and can leave feeling good because money was given to a worthy cause in their honor

With a little thought you can give your guests a small trinket they will enjoy, instead of leaving behind. After all, no one wants to end up on the worst favor list!
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